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You may see a young person first touch my feet and then slowly progress with contact until they are on my back or crawl up my legs and roll off my side.

You might see a child run to me from another part of the room opening her arms and falling into my open arms hugging me. We roll backwards, then she  may get up and go to the other end of the room.  This may happen over and over until she gets all she needs of this kind of contact.

 You may see a young person lean on my back with their arms around my neck and be very still.

 You may see a child come right over to me and curl up in my lap and play with my face. 

You might see a young person attempt to kick me or pull my hair. 

 You may see a child come and touch my foot and run away and slowly over time make more contact. 

You may see a child walk around me the entire play session glancing at me glancing at them.

Eleanor Shares How Innate Play
May Look to an Observer

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