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Foundation for
Compassionate Connection

Non-Profit 501(c)3  Established 2006


1. Demonstrate and help children and staff experience
an environment of trust and support in their school community.

An environment of trust and support is a place where emotional, physical, spiritual and physiological needs are acknowledged, accepted and a way has been created to meet these needs. In this environment, the needs of the teachers, students and caregivers are considered and supported by the group.

2. Experientially teach children that safe; appropriate touch is an available alternative to competitive, violent and exploitive touch.

  • Safe, appropriate touch is inclusive, nurturing, non-competitive, non-cultural, non-competitive, nonviolent and not sexual. Safe touch is touch that is agreed upon by both parties. Safe touch is nurturing and loving. It is medically proven that unconditionally loving touch is required for our emotional, physical and psychological health.

  • Competitive, aggressive touch is any touch that is not wanted, is painful to another, touch that is sexual among non-consenting or consenting minors with an adult; touch that has a goal in mind other than support or acceptance; touch used as a bargaining tool between someone who needs it and someone who is exploiting that person.

3. Teach children and adults that each person is important, precious and has value to the community.

  • Educate and demonstrate to adults how to treat children in a way that builds healthy relationships where what the young people say and do is respected and considered.

  • When someone’s behavior is disturbing to others, it is held as a call for help, not an indication that the person is unacceptable.

These purposes will be achieved through the activities of Innate Play, Non-Violent Communication (NVC) programs, Challenge Days, and other community programs.

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Please support this work with your donation.

The specific and primary purpose of this organization is to organize, fund, maintain and supervise an outreach program into community schools both public and private, daycare centers and other places where young people are brought together. This program is for children of all ages, races, religious backgrounds and national origins. The intent is to bring the following awareness and experience to children and to educate staff, parents and other adults as to how to treat children with true respect and consideration.

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