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Comments from Parents


Elle's influence on my whole family has been the most incredible gift. As a
schoolteacher, I have seen her therapeutic work with dozens of children firsthand, but I have most closely witnessed her work with my young son, James, who is now ten years old.  James has had long-term issues with coping with his emotions, expressing his feelings in words, and reflecting with empathy.  Elle has worked with James extensively, using physical play, creative play, and even correspondence and video calls.  Elle's work has made a demonstrable impact on James and on our family.  

Through Elle's work, James has increased in confidence, and even had his first
sleepover.  He has increased his tolerance of changes and transitions in significant ways, which has helped him get through school and home routines.  Moreover, since James has worked with Elle, James has become more relaxed, overall, and his anxiety has decreased. I credit Elle's patience, empathy, and exemplary compassion to get James to talk more about his feelings and to understand himself better. Elle has also worked with two of my other children, Josephine and Thomas, and has provided support for them. Elle is one of a kind, and our whole family is better because of her!



* * *

I have had the good fortune of Eleanor working at my children's private school for the past few years.  The impact and loving attention she brings through her play to the children is remarkable.

My stepson had a difficult time when he was younger. adjusting to two families with very different parenting styles and lifestyles, being in a new and unfamiliar school, and working with his own sensory sensitivities. Elle and her play allowed a safe and loving way for him to discharge these feelings and also allowed for the loving connection so vital to his dear nature. Now, years later, I watch the changing ways their play continues to bring him confidence and joy and I marvel at this very unique and precious relationship they have with one another.

My youngest son [is] Isaiah. After a difficult birth and suspected pneumonia he was in ICU as an infant. This last year, as a four year old, he suffered a ruptured appendix. It has been very interesting to watch Elle help him process all these difficult physical experiences. Through his play with Elle I see an avenue for him to reclaim a lost sense of power, and have it directed in a positive and loving way. I have seen what this sort of contact with a skilled and loving adult can do for a child's sense of joy and happiness. I have seen that without this joy and happiness, my children's attention for other sorts of learning is lessened, sometimes seemingly lost.

I hope for my children and for all the children at The Magnolia School that Eleanor returns to us year after year. They will feel the delight of being seen and met where they are. They will be helped to integrate whatever myriad experiences they are already encountering in their young lives.  Their innate intelligence will have a chance to come out and play.  Many thanks to Eleanor and her work with our children.   


— JENNIFER EDGAR, Parent at The Magnolia School

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